Winterizing your home!

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It's getting to be that time of year folks. Time to get your home ready for old man winter.

I will start off with a few simple things to do and hopefully other members can add to it...

Has your furnace had it's yearly cleaning and check up by a pro? If not now is the time to do it, not when it gets to sub zero temps? Have you ran your furnace through a cycle to make sure it is operating properly...don't wait until your local serviceman needs to come out for an emergemcy call.

Have you changed your filters recently, and vacuumed out the furnace closet?

Have you recently inspected under your home to make sure the belly is snug, and all water lines are protected? Is your heat tape properly installed and plugged in? Have you checked to make sure the outlet is still functioning?

Caulking, one of the least expensive things you can do. Check around all windows, inside and out, same with the doors. Repair as needed. Do not forget the caulking around all your roof vents!

Weather stripping, check all exterior doors and make sure yours is still pliable, not dried cracked or missing.

Skirting, is it in it's proper posistion, free of holes and snug? Are your vents closed?

Make sure to drain all outside hose spigots.

Smoke detectors, go around and check each and everyone, replace the batteries if you have not done so very recently!!! Also do this if you have an electronic thermostat..last year it cost me triple digits to for the serviceman to replace 2 triple A batteries!!!!

Fire extinquishers, these are of no value if they are way under the sink or in the back of a closet, get them out and make sure they have a charge. Equally important is that you have the proper one for your use. Read the instructions!

Dryer vents...I use this time of year to clean that out as well!

I also like to have all heavy furniture moved from in front of windows. Should you have a fire these windows are your escape...BUT NOT IF BLOCKED!

Also in the winter is a good time to use heavy drapes, these help alot to keep any drafts off you and the cold the windows seem to hold.

If you have an older water heater do you have an insulating blanket covering it?

Does your home have the insulators that go into all exterior outlets and switches. You will be amazed at how much air can come through these.

OK, I have given a few suggestions, if anyone has something more please add to my list...

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Have your chimney swept and inspected by a CSIA chimney sweep before you start up your fireplace or wood stove. I know I sound like a broken record, but it's important.

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That is an excellent point about the chimney sweep! We also try to stock up on wood before the prices get too high. That brings me to my point, and that is about salt and ice melt. What is only a few bucks today, will be very expensive once stuff starts falling from the sky. We try to stock up on it. Even the conditioner for the water softner seems to go up when the snow begins to fly.