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for them who remembers ,*I* am re-doing the "Fabulous Master Bath" ...

So, *today *I* grabbed all necessary tools, cloths, oils, etc and went to do battle w/ the dreaded "TWA-ALY" ... watertank came off cleanly ( after having been drained ) ... seat came off easily ...

THEN the funs began ... removed the -2- 'caps' ( filled w/ putty ) to reveal the -2- nuts & bolts ... -1- nut came off cleanly, tho slowly beccause of the putty) ... Nut #2 is the prob ... it will not unscrew from the bolt because the bolt turns, instead of being stationary ...

??? HOW *I* UNSCREW THE NUT ??? *I* was thimking abt hacksawing the bolt below the nut --- but, that would then leave MOI a bolt too short to re-use ...

??? MAYBE *I* otta just go to LOEWys or HOMEys ... or ---

??? can *I* buy a new bolt ???
??? can *I* buy a new flange assy ???
??? can *I* live in a REAL haus ???

(FINALLY: NOT 100° !!!).
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The flange has a slot that the head of the bolt slides into. If you are lucky and patient, you may be able to get the bolt back in there by monkeying around with it. I guess I lack patience, because I will usually grab the top of the bolt with vise grips, lift up to get a little space under the nut and then saw it off. I used to use a bare hack saw blade, but I have since found a nice folding handle that takes sawzall blades. Works really good and I can change to wood blades, long blades, whatever. I think it is a Stanley. I will try to find a pic of one. Mine is at a jobsite with the rest of my hand tools.


Found a pic

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