Another BATHROOM / TUB Question ...

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Fell-ows & Fell-ettes ...

ready to remove the -2- water faucets & fill-spout from tub ...

*I* can remove the faucets units & the piping ...

*I* can NOT remove the fill-spout ...

it seems that the spout is held in place by a "butterfly bolt" ( think ceiling : spring-loaded hangy-thingies ) which is blocked by the filltube.

??? should *I* (hopefully) be able to unscrew the fill tube and then "DO IT" to the "thingy" ???
??? or, is there a way to remove the "thingy" that *I* dont know about ??? ... *I* thinking that the "Thingy" is screwed into the spout bottom --- but, *I* can't see that far into the opening ...

BtW : its a "STERLING" faucet set ...

??? WHOM in their rihgt mind would install a $200 faucet in a $30K mobile besides ME ???
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I think the best thing to do is to make an access panel on the wall behind the faucet. Because of the shower head question, I would make one larger access panel that would allow you to get to the shower head and faucet. I don't know what is behind the faucet, but hopefully it is a closet or utility room. Even a water heater compartment would not be so bad. It would usually mean pulling and resetting the water heater.

Trying to work blindly through little holes, there is really no telling what you will run into. I know when I strap my shower heads and faucets down, you will need access to them to move a shower head or swap out a faucet. You would probably want to add some framing to support the shower head at it's new location as well.

Also, you may be dealing with something like the part below. They are available in plastic, galvanized and brass.


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sorry, DUDE ... You on wrong end of the pipe ...

not involved w/ shower pipes, etc ... BATHTUB piping ... have an access area 2'x2' ... but fixture is up-close to wall, I* cant swee ZACKLY how the spout / 'butterfly thingie' attaches.

I'd send pix. but cant .

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Does it look like the fill-pipe threads where the butterfly thingee is? if so you may be able to turn the fill-pipe and unscrew it that way.
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