Curled shingles that are very hard to press back down!

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Hello yet again my fellow MH dwellers,

We live in Michigan, so we get snowy winters and lots of rain in the spring. We thought we fixed our leaky window, caulked it outside only but that didn't help.

Hubby nailed down some 'curled or lifting' shingles above the window, and for a few days the rain didn't come inside the window and drip down when it rained. But now it's doing it again, and a new drip spot has popped up along with the old one.

So, back up the ladder to the roof, where hubby says the entire length or at least a good 12 feet of our 80 foot long MH has shingles at the roof edge which are curled up, or rather lifted sorta - he said they are making it so the water 'pools' in them on the roof.

The Problem Now: He bought shingle cement to glue the darn shingles back down, but he said the shingles are VERY hard to press back down. It feels like there is something under them - stopping him from being able to press them down flat to the roof, almost like the wooden roof beams are lifted up causing the shingles to curl or lift.

Anyone have ANY idea what he might be talking about, and if so how to maybe go about fixing it?

Our home is un level, and this summer we hope to level it. I have warbling or 'waves' that you see going down the vinyl siding and our roof does the same 'wave' effect.

Hubby said it's mostly the shingles that are a foot or so away from the edge. Our shingles and roof almost stop dead flat at where the wall starts. No 'overhang' or gutters at all.

I looked in the MH manual, but it only covered metal roofs :( nothing about shingled MH problems.

Sorry it's a long post guys and gals, just trying to cover any questions about the issue before hand. ANY ideas or help is greatly appreciated.

P.S. He keeps putting darn NAILS in the shingles trying to nail them down flat, and all I keep imagining is that he's putting more holes in to cause more leaks. Should he be doing this? He did put clear caulk (silicone?) over the nails, but can't that stuff wear away?

Thank you !!!
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This is a real common problem with shingles on mobile homes. It happens mostly because of a lower slope and the roof edge metal. Most roof edge is made in a 90 degree angle, causing it to create a lifted ridge along the roof edge as the vertical side snugs up to the side fascia trim of the wall. I have seen mobile homes where the mobile home manufacturer made their own edge metal to correct this angle as well as create a custom length that helps a lot. As shingles age on this ridge, they will curl. Because of the low slope, water is allowed to run sideways before coming off of the roof and that is when it enters the top of the wall.

Installing a strip of Ice & Water Shield or Owen's Corning WeatherLock under the shingles would correct most of these types of leaks, but I have never seen it installed at a factory. If the shingles otherwise have a lot of life to them, a good repair would be to strip about 4-6 courses at the edge of the roof and install a minimum 9" strip of this type of roof underlayment on the roof deck before installing new shingles. This would also give you a chance to address the roof edge metal if it is creating a ridge.

After this curl gets into the shingle, replacement may be the only real fix. Asphalt mastic under the first course of shingles may work for you but is not as much of a sure bet. It can also make for some very dark stains if it fails.

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If there this bad, new roof time. This is my old roof, peeling up bad all over.