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Mon Jan 05, 2009 12:51 am

i have a lot open next door to me, and for the last year, my family and i have been trying to talk my grandma into moving her 14x70 to town. she says she would like to, but..... she had a water leak, ruined the entire kitchen, she had hardwood floors, drywall and solid oak cabinets put in. she says if she moves her trailer the walls will crack, cabinets will fall, and the floors will pop up. now i know there is always a chance of things adjusting during a move, but my question is how bad, or how expensive would it be, any help or ideas of stabilizing things would be great thanks


Mon Jan 05, 2009 1:51 am

You ask tought questions! :)

I would think the cabinets should be fine,the drywall could easilly crack but isn't too bad to fix(I'm a drywaller tho),,its the new hardwood floors that would concern Me most as,for Me,they would be the hardest fix if they did "pop".

there can be plenty of stresses when removing blocking,going down the road,and relevelling. Only You and Gramma can weigh the costs/benefits. If You could find a Mover that would guarantee to repair any damage it might be worth paying more to use them,,"insurance" I spose. Finding one might be near impossible tho. Will Her Ins Co write a short term policy for the time of move and maybe 2 extra months for damages to show? Not likely but might help Gramma feel better.

Is it a long drive to go visit and/or check on Her welfare? Maybe She is right and best to leave well enough alone.

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Tue Jan 06, 2009 2:26 am


be open to the idea that your grandma may be mentioning difficulties because she does not feel ready to relocate at this time.....

and getting her to admit that drawback may be a whole lot more difficult than preventing or repairing any possible damages to the mobile home... lol

Brenda (OH)

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Wed Jan 07, 2009 4:06 pm

Yes if it is an older house, she may have to do some repairs. She may have to stay with you for a few weeks till her house is ready.

It will only take a day to move the house and may cost $1000 just for the move. Repairs not included.

A new mobile home will be under warranty but an old on will just be guaranteed to get there.
Despite the word MOBILE, houses are not made to be moved a lot.

If Grandma makes good cookies, it is well worth the money.
Call Dinwiddie Demolition we'll tear that house right down.
Sweep up every splinter n haul it out of town