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I am curious about these electric fireplaces that I see at the local home stores - has anyone here had any experience with them?? With the cost of gas going up so much this winter I am wondering if one of these electric fireplaces would help keep the heating bill down enough to justify it? So if you take the increase in the electric bill and the decrease in the gas bill - would it be worth it?? I appreciate any input.

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They look nice, but will heat no better than an electric space heater...because really thats all they are with the exception of the fake fire, which uses a bit more juice. As far as helping lower the gas bill, that wold depend on your cost per Kilowatt hr. vs. the cost
of gas.
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They are Very Nice and can warm up Small Places. Just be careful what you put in front of them though.

I am a Green Place on Windy Big in Oregon, I pay $121.00 all year long in Summer or Winter.

Fall is here woo hoo, lol :lol:
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My opinion would be to keep the gas heat going as you need heat under the home to keep the pipes from freezing. I use electric heaters for zone heating the living room and bedrooms while having the gas at a lower temp setting. some people swear by the electric oil heaters but I find the heaters that are shaped like tall toasters are the ones I find the best and I have 3 of them...portables are nice because you can move them with you to whatever room your in and the cost of 1 electric fireplace can buy you 5 or 6 portables . troyster
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If you want to save on heating bills they are NOT the way to go. If you want something that's like a fire place go for the ones with the hologram flame. They're quite realistic. We have two, one in the media room and one in the master bedroom. We like them because we can have a fire without heat. On very cold mornings they do help suplement the furnace but it is cost prohibitive to run them too much.
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I got an electric fireplace for half price $189.00 at Home Depot in March '08 based on some cool photos Sylvia once posted. This is my first attempt at loading a photo. It's right after I put it together and fired it up. The dog moved in. I've since mounted my flat screen TV above it. It's great as a focal point. A place to hang Christmas stockings. You can run the flame without the heat. The heater's blower is rather loud and it would be expensive to heat with it. If you just need warmth in a certain area those radiators that are filled with oil, DeLongi is one brand, are very efficient and get high ratings from Consumer Reports. They are 49.00 or 39. on sale. I have one in the bathroom for the coldest days. In Virginia. Ya'll Canadians quit laughing.