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'95 fleetwood ... windows are OUTSIDE ( screwed-on) and INSIDE (Screwed-on) ...

Opinions as to whether to install solar / darkening window film ... IF so : on the INSIDE of the Outer windows ... or the INSIDE of the Inner windows ...

replacing the units is possible, but as *I* don't plan of being here FOREVER, *I* think the window film is viable ...

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I think I would install the window tint on the inside of the outside window.

My reasoning is this, alot of heat builds up between the 2 thin panes of glass. If you can deflect some of the heat then less would enter the home?????

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If you are trying to cut out some of the heat from the sun's rays, you may could try using solar screen. Easy to change out if you don't like it. There are different % of sun blocking capacity-you can try Home Depot or Lowes. Just a suggestion.

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Hmmmmm? Danny this is one of them "double-edge sword" deals. Let me explain. Applying a solar-tint/window-film will cut your cooling costs in the summer. And it cuts down on the sunlight wreaking havoc from bleaching out the drapes/furnishings. BUT! (as always.. my big BUT!) In the wintertime the solar (free heat) may be a benifit! Open up the drapes and let that big window pour in the solar heat and warm up yer livingroom/bedroom for free! Hmmm? I've opted for Low-E Glass windows that cut down on the amount of heating/cooling to keep my home comfortable. However at times I do miss the option to just open up the drapes and let that sun shine in and heat my home for free. With Low-E Glass..this won't work. It's a toss-up on what is your best option. Is it cheaper to heat or to cool in your area? How hard would it be to remove the tint in the winter and allow the windows to solar heat your home..for free? Is there a window tint that just sticks to the windows via static-elec. that could be easilly removed? Like them "stick-on" Halloween stickers? Hmmmmm? Audie..the Oldfart..

I have an extra box of car window tint. Would that work for tinting my windows?

I live in Northeast Texas. We set a record yesterday for heat this time of year. I used 3M window tint in a west window. I love it! I also use blackout curtains. I put my tint on the inner window. I like the idea of putting it on the outer most window that was posted. I honestly hadn't thought to try that. I can tell you that putting that 3M tint on that window keeps my home from seeming like a dungeon, but I can tell a real difference in the heat. This is a kitchen window & even when I cook the kitchen doesn't seem as hot
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Love the static cling window tint. We are having cooling problems with the AC and the tint has helped out tremendously, especially in the kids rooms, they get the worst of the afternoon Texas sun. I just wish the static cling came in Black Out like regular window tint, but I want the option of easy removal during the winter.
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That is a great idea!! Do you think the weather would "uncling" it from the outside of the window? I have single glass, so I am assuming that by the outside of the window you are meaning the side outside the home. Did that just make sense?? Either way, I am going to try it on one of the windows in the kids room and see if it will stay on. Thanks again!
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Thank you so much! What great advice! I will pass this on to my neighbors who have absolutely no trees and have huge windows that face the sun every afternoon. Thanks again!