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We will be gone for Christmas holidays and living in Colorado, think it is best to shut the water off while the home is empty. However, people have told me when they have shut the water off that leaks appear when they turn it back on. Why would that be?

Question-I can easily shut the water off outside. We have a gas hot water heater. I don't know whether to totally shut the gas off or just turn it to pilot. It is a bit of a pain to relight.

Question-We have PEX plumbing. Do we open the faucets and let the water drain or just shut the water off and leave things as they are. I don't know which is best. The home sits on a concrete perimeter wall which goes down several feet and the water line is insulated.

The heat will be left on and a neighbor will check the home periodically.

Any other advice on this topic?

Thank you
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Annie, Since the heat is going to be on, the odds of a burst pipe from a freeze up is minimal. It would not hurt to shut the main off & put the water heater to pilot just in case, but is will be one more thing to do when you get home. Greg
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Having someone to check on the house
you are one step ahead of the game.
Take your vacation and don't worry about it.
Have a safe and fun vacation.
Call Dinwiddie Demolition we'll tear that house right down.
Sweep up every splinter n haul it out of town