installing wired speakers for surround, questions?

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we are closing on a 2004 double wide home very soon and I have not been able to find out who the manufacturer is for this home, when I do I will update. What I am curious about is how I am going to wire my surround speakers up. If I make an attic opening in a closet will I be able to move around safely like in a house? Do I need to fish the wire up from underneath? Hopefully someone will have some ideas on how to best do this.


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There is no attic in a manufactured home, All you will find usually is blown in insulation that makes a mess when you open up the ceiling. I would go for a wireless system to make things easier.

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I own a wired surround sound system and I really don't want to buy another. Surely if you make an opening there must be some space between the ceiling and the roof??
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Are your rear speakers wall mount?

I ran my wires down, then across to the outer wall, up through the floor.....and then up the wall to each speaker. I did put the wire in copper tubing so that it is hidden and the end result is a kinda modern looking wire hide.

The bottom line: there are no good or easy choices.

If you have carpet and might be able to conceal the wires under the baseboard.
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no opening ceilings, walls etc

use wire tracks to hide the wires. can be painted to match your wall color


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Thanks for the tip, I thought about that and I am going to look into it once we move in.
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