Dishwasher Install w/o Garbage Disposer in Mobile Home

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I'm going to install a dishwasher in a mobile home remodel. I will not be installing a garbage disposer. The dishwasher will be located directly beside (to the left of) the kitchen sink. I know I need a branched tailpiece. The sink will be vented underneath the countertop with a Mini-Studor vent. Will this be adequate or will I need an air gap on the countertop? If yes, please elaborate on how this air gap is plumbed to the dwv system for the kitchen sink. I imagine there are some dishwasher models that semi-grind the food scraps, too. Thanks.
And one more question can I put wooden spoons in it? I read on the a lot of information, but want to hear your opinion.
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Should be fine.

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