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the floor in front of the front door, about a 5x8 ft are is really has a real deep tone squeak to it and if you bounce on the area it makes the entertainment center that is close to it shake a little bit. I THINK the piere or whatever under the house needs to be shimmed up tighter to the floor joist or frame or whatever under this area..not sure. I know its not from a water leak or anything like that..The front door is out of square and has been a problem since the place was new 20 years ago..Not really sure what to do here..any ideas?
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It all depends how deep you want to get into it. Floor problems in front of doors is a common problem. You may find checking the support under the door solves the problem or you may find the subfloor is getting bad and needs repair.
As for door frame problems it may be the home is out of level and needs to be releveled. That may solve the floor problem also co you may want to check the level first.

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