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Best way to repair underfloor (tile) bathroom plumbing?

Posted: Wed Oct 02, 2019 6:05 am
by Nnaniras
I came downstairs this morning to find a puddle on the kitchen floor. Once I’d woken up enough to investigate, I decided it’s from the bathroom sink drainpipe. This is based solely on its position compared to the place where the water came through the ceiling.

The bathroom floor is tiled in all exposed areas, so checking under the floorboards won’t be easy. Add to that, I think the tiles were fitted on ply, which was laid on top of the existing floorboards.
The sides of the bath are also tiled, so I can’t just remove the bath panel to try and look underneath either.

Before I start contacting plumbers and listening the sharp intake of breath, does anyone have experience or advice on the subject, in particular the best, or most likely route to fixing it?
I have heard suggestions that it can be easier to access the plumbing by making a hole in the ceiling below, rather than lifting tiles. (Artex ceiling, so probably not that easy to patch & match either)

Another thought, due to my inexperience, Is this likely to be something I can claim for through my insurance? I have combined building/contents, and the premium even after claiming, is likely to be less that the cost of repairs.
The bathroom was only fitted about 12 months ago, so I will be contacting the fitter, but I’ve no idea if this would be covered under any warranty.

Re: Best way to repair underfloor (tile) bathroom plumbing?

Posted: Wed Oct 02, 2019 9:47 am
by Greg
So you have a two story Mobile home? If you have a bathroom above, check the wax ring on the toilet first.