Shallow 2 gang boxes

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Hey all,

I replaced a switch today because... I don't remember why. It didn't have a cover and I don't like the self contained switches and receptacles, as probably half of the receptacles in our place are falling out of the walls and look gross and disgusting. I had the brilliant idea to replace all of them with standard switches and receptacles.

However, I'm having trouble figuring out where to get shallow 2 gang old work boxes. I have plenty of 1 gang boxes available at Menards, Lowe's, Home Depot, etc. The 1 gang boxes will do me well pretty much everywhere except the bathrooms and the kitchen. I think those are the only places that have 2 switches near each other.

Any good leads?
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It seems like "our" Lowes has 2 gang old work boxes, but it has been so long since I replaced ours that I don't remember. Possibly a metal box?

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I would suggest trying to contact the manufacturer of these boxes. One name that is common is Carlon. They are now a part of Thomas and Betts. Another idea is to use shallow metal boxes that can be ganged. They have removable sides and "ganged" to form as many gangs as needed. they are T & B brands as well as Crouse Hinds. Crouse Hinds may now be a part of Eaton.
Check with your local big box store or electrical supply house.
Good luck. Remember that a metal box needs to be grounded.
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