Fixing a rim joist with a deck atached

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Hello hole this finds you well. I have a 95 double wide that had a sliding door. Well I'm sure you have guessed it by now the sliding door has rotted the rim joist, and sub floor. Luckily it only has ruined a 4 ft well 3 .5 foot actually. I'm going to replace the door with French doors more flashing and caulking lol. But I'm having difficulty figuring out how to replace the new 2x6. I know I will have to support the floor joist. I will be cutting into the good joist and sisterering in there and going back to the door. The problem is I can only access this from the door the hole in the floor or the crawl space. The house is on a block foundation and has a deck I really dont want to remove the deck just to fix 4 ft of rim. It has vynal siding also. And advice would be greatly appreciated

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You sound like you know what was to be done. It is not going to be a quick job. To do the job you have to get to the rim joist, if the deck is in the way it HAS to be moved. possibly jack it up a foot?
I would add some parameter blocking to help support it as long as you are under there.

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