A very slow drip under my sink....

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Tue Feb 05, 2019 10:22 pm

I have a 1974 home in relatively good repair. Recently my dishwasher stopped rinsing. It was here when we moved in, so it gave at least 15 years of good service. I had a new one delivered and my handyman installed it. The dishwasher works great, and I've always had good experience using his skills for various things.

Under the kitchen sink, there is a very slow drip. He replaced some pipes, which he found were CPCV instead of PCV? I'm confused on the lettering. He went to the plumbing store and got advice, purchased what he needed for about $25.

There is still a slow leak. He came today and tightened whatever he could, but still a paper towel laid under the pipes gets just a little damp after 24 hours.

What do I need to do? In such an old home, perhaps I need to get a plumber to re-do pipes under the sink? Maybe I can just see if the drips just evaporate daily and not worry about them? As you can see, I'm already a bit worried and I hate to leave things like this and then obsess about them!

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Wed Feb 06, 2019 10:36 am

You need to find the source of the leak and get it sealed up. The thing you want to do if just leave it. The BEST case would be a mold issue, from there you end up with rotted wood.

If you can post a few pictures we may be able to help.

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