Data plate covers?

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Hello! I am looking for a way to protect the data plate that contains the serial number attached to the siding of my home. My data plate is not in the best shape and I'm looking for a way to protect it from further damage. I've searched the parts store here on this website and several other online parts stores, but I found no items that would serve such purpose. Does anyone have any ideas how the data plate could be protected? I'm envisioning something that is made of a clear material and can be screwed to the home to cover the plate, something similar to the the acrylic covers that are available for automobile license plates.
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I would start with a good picture of it. There is no law that says it has to remain on the outside so you could remove it and put it by the breaker box.
If the manufacturer is still in business you may be able to get a new one from them.

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somewhere inside your house should be a paper data plate attached to a wall, cabinet door, inside a closet etc that would contain more info than the tiny plate on the outside


take a photo of the outside plate and pin it to a wall in a closet