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I've been told this type of roof has no plywood underneath the metal. It just has the wood beams, with insulation, and when walking on the roof you have to be careful to step only on the beams. Could this possibly be true?

I'm thinking of redoing this roof. If there is no plywood I would like to have that added, in addition to an extension all around the house so there are some eaves. I can't believe they made this type of house without any overhang at all. My attempt at trying to add a rain gutter didn't do much because there is no drip guard. As you can see in the photo there is a slit in the silicone caulking, due to movement of the gutter on windy days. Water gets back behind the gutter and runs down the pressed wood siding. Any tips or suggestions on my plans for upgrading the roof?

Speaking of siding, I've also thought of having vinyl siding put on. For a 14x70 single wide, what kind of rough cost would that be?


PS - Is it true that I'm limited to attaching a mere 150KB worth of photos or am I doing something wrong?
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Go over the existing roof with 1x4 purlins and install a corrugated metal roof. Your roof system has a per sq/ft. weight rating, installing plywood and shingles will come close to exceeding it. If you are in an area that has snow add that weight in also.

The mistake you made with the gutters was that the should have gone behind the factory "gutters".

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