Electrical outlets that are linked to a light switch

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I have an electrical outlet that is tied to the light switch that I want to change so that it no longer does. Is this an easy thing to do?

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Jim from Canada
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In some areas the building code requires a switched ceiling light OR a switched outlet to control a lamp upon entering a room. By passing the switch could make your home non compliant, and may effect other things like insurance and re sale.

But you could just leave the switch on, or by pass it in the box for switch so there is continuous power to the outlet
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I live in an area where code compliance is not an issue. I'm just wondering if this is something easy to change out or not.
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The answer to your question is that yes the switch can be taken out of the circuit. All kinds orf stuff "can be done" - but that doesn't mean it is right, legal, or advisable.

B.U.T! If you do not understand the circuitry or the wiring - then you really need to NOT do this yourself. The reason you won't get a detailed answer here is simple: Somebody here tells you how to do it. You do it. Next, your place burns to the ground. Next day, you're calling lawyers. -OR- Somebody here tells you how to do it. You attempt to do it - but end up electrocuting yourself deader than a pan fried pork-chop. Next day, relatives are calling lawyers.

Somewhere in all the posting rules is the info about electrical and gas questions....

So...it may be just a whole lot easier to leave the switch in the 'on' position - and forget about it. Put some tape over it. Hang some artwork. Put a hat over it. :D
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Thanks Mark that is EXACTLY why we DO NOT answer questions on Gas & Electrical questions.


I for one could not sleep if I found out someone was killed or injured because of advise I gave them.

This policy has been discussed many times here and I stand by the policy.

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