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I am buying a new mobile home. I need some advice. This home is solid construction and at a price I can afford. There are two things that concern me. One, it does have an overhang but it's a very slight overhang. It looks to cover the windows and doors but that's it. Is this enough overhang? Also, because of this the house is vented on the roof and not the eaves. I counted 12 -twelve- roof vents on the roof. Should this be a concern? Very few houses are vented at the eaves and most have 5 - 7 vents but nowhere near 12! The siding is smart panel and the roof is a shingled roof. Thanks.
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There are no simple answers when it comes to ventilation. About the only actual answer to ventilation is for the skirting.
When it comes roof the construction of the roof system may not allow for a good air flow as in conventional stick built homes. As you said the eaves are too short to allow for vents. The 12 roof vents you have may be sufficient.

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I am in the northwest. All homes including MFG homes have eve/soffit vents.
The shingle MFG will call that out as part of the warranty. Do not know how the MFG home manufacture is getting away with that??
Would look for a home with 12/8 inch eves with soffit vents.
Would not settle for anything less. These soffit vents help move the hot air out of the roof cavity by allowing air to flow up over the insulation and put in motion a drafting effect.

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Of all the manufacturers in this area (probably dozens) I have only found two that vent at the eaves. Two! And one of them no longer produce singlewides. Not sure what brands they have up there.
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The ventilation is very important for having fresh air inside. This count of 12 vents on the roof is a good one.