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Hey everyone, first thanks for the amazing amount of information.

We own a double wide 24x50. Have started peeling back paneling to begin some demo/Reno. We want to cut half the wall down between the kitchen and living area to create better flow.

Now the question I have is being close to the marriage line would this wall serve any bearing purpose? It starts just inside and tapers away from the marriage line at a 35-40 degree angle. Half of the top plate isn't even touching the ceiling. I will be leaving a bit of a column as to keep light switch and rewire to have one outlet available being power runs from the attic.

It won't let me post the photo's from my phone hope these links work. ... 1NTNXloQjg ... 0NXZmdpUE0 ... WZRWnFZTVE ... 2ZWWkNjdW8
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I would contact the manufacturer, If you have the vin# or the numbers from the spec. sticker usually by the breaker box they should be able to tell you for sure. Personally I don't think it is load bearing and I have never seen a wall angled like that. I think as long as you build a support column you would be fine.

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I'm guessing that if there's no supporting blocking underneath the home that is under any of that wall then no, it's not structural. HOWEVER, that might not be conclusive because someone may have set up the home incorrectly. So... as Greg suggested, probably will have to contact the manufacturer: they would have specs on blocking points.

When you get that all opened up be sure to post pictures! It'll really be nice to get rid of that wall: my home's front room, dining and kitchen are all open together; the den has large openings to it in which case it feels like it too is all part of the others- sunlight from den's window comes into the other rooms.