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Mobile Rebuild

Posted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 3:39 pm
by Sludge Ogre
Hi. I've been lurking this site for some time. I live in a 14x80 single wide mobile home. It's a decent enough place but needs a lot of care. Seeing as how I plan on living in there for another decade, I'd like to just rebuild from floor joists up.

So the plan is to rip out all the particle glue board flooring and replace it with 3/4 plywood. Replace the 2x3 wall studs with 2x4s. Then do a roof over with metal roofing.

So, a few questions are on my mind.

I'm wondering about weight and wall sag. The floor joists are 2x6 at 16" from center. Combined with lateral reinforcing, gluing and screwing, then the 3/4 plywood. Can I get away with 2x4s wall studs with 16" spacing? How about 1/2 " Osb for the exterior walls with vynal siding? How about 1/2 Osb with the metal roof on the roof over?

Thanks for the advice

Re: Mobile Rebuild

Posted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 7:51 pm
by Greg
Plywood subfloor, Great idea. 2x4 walls, Why not go to 2x6? More support, more room for insulation.
As far as the roof is concerned You need to remember that weight is ALWAYS a factor. If you are in a snow zone the roof should have either a 20 or 30 pounds per sq. ft. rating by going with steel you will be adding 1000 Lbs. to the roof. that will reduce the rating by about a pound per foot. add a plywood under the steel and subtract more.
I went with 2x4 perlins under the steel when I did our's last month. What is your present roof?
Vinyl siding will require some type of underlay. possibly drop down to 3/8"? You could contact a siding manufacture and get their input.
To help support the new weight add some parameter blocking.
Remember to relevel the home with a water level before starting.