Installing Metal Roof

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Wed Aug 23, 2017 1:37 pm

We have a rolled roof currently and are transitioning into a metal roof. Question: is it necessary to insulate before applying the metal roof since it already is rolled and that would appear to add sufficient insulation. That being the case all we would have to do is apply the wood strips and screw into the roof at every 16" the cap it down the middle.
Had a neighbor install a metal roof over a three tab. Didn't put down any insulation. Only used the strips and screwed right into the 16" centers. Looks great. Neighbor didn't see any reason to add any additional cost to putting in the metal roof and saved himself some good money.
Also when laying down the metal how far do we need to overlap the gutters. Don't want to do more than 1 1/2". Is that standard or do I need more overlap?
Appreciate your comments and suggestions. Oldtimer

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Wed Aug 23, 2017 7:39 pm

The answer to your question totally depends on how involved you want to get. If all you want is a functional roof that keeps the rain off of your head than add strips and screw down the panels. If you want more insulation and some sound deadening than add some foam insulation between the two.
As far as overlap, 1 1/2" should be fine unless you want to add a soffett before you put the new roof on. I am planning a 6" overhang on mine when I do it.

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