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Sun Jul 23, 2017 8:53 am

I recently purchased a 1970 Elcona single wide mobile home on Long Island. The previous owner had a metal Rainbow Roof installed on the home 9 years ago. When installing the roof she had the bathroom exhaust vent caps removed and covered by the new roof. The fans are still in the bathroom ceilings but there is no longer a penetration through the roof. The vent fans are 12" square and in pretty bad condition. I would like to install new vent fans but I am reluctant to cut through the metal roof. I thought and installing side wall vents but extending the electric wire from the current location over the toilet to side wall is an issue for me also. I am seeking professional advice on what my options are. If I install new round fans the fan grill will not completely cover the old square hole so I'll have to come up with something like a square piece of sheet metal between the fan and the ceiling and I will have to penetrate the roof. I'd like to have the new fans in same place as the old fans but I need help on how to cut and seal the roof effectively. Any help would surely be appreciated. Ken

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Sun Jul 23, 2017 3:40 pm

If the bathroom is located at the end of the home you may be able to go through the wall if you have enough room between the ceiling & roof.
Otherwise your only option is to go up. you may be able to find replacement motors for the unit you have so you would not have to change anything inside.

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