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My propane water heater went to leaking and messed up the floor.I have to put a new floor in before I can put a new water heater back. This water heater came with the trailer I bought new in 1990.It has a air inlet vent at the bottom that goes thru the floor.Do I have to buy a water heater with this vent.I haven't seen any new ones mobile home aproved that have this vent.
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You will want a direct connect vent and direct connect combustion air .
It does not need to be MFG home approved as long as it meets the two above items.
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Save yourself some money and switch to an electric heater. Usually half - 1/3 of the price of a propane heater. The only problem may be running the electrical service for it.

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I live off grid.So,cant have an electric water heater.Would the direct connect vent and direct connect combustion air have to go thru the wall or floor? (Iv seen mobile approved propane water heaters at Lowes and Home Depot. Been looking at mobile home approved water heaters for insurance reasons. ) Thank yall.
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Combustion air must come from outside. System must be sealed from intake to exhaust vent. You must use a mh approved unit for insurance purposes, and to avoid "waking up dead" from carbon monoxide poisoning. You could draw the combustion air from a side wall, but it must be ducted directly to the wh intake - no just putting a hole in the wall of the wh compartment. I'd think using a side wall opening would be problematic due to possibility of blockage by ice/snow etc. I am assuming that you have access to the wh from inside the home, in which case you must have a direct vent model. There are others you will see that say mh approved, but note that they are not to be installed in the living area of the home, which means that they are instead installed in a sealed compartment accessible from only a door in the exterior wall (not common.)
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There is no insurance company checking what type, brand ,water heater,furnace, heat pump you are installing.
Nor does the insurance company inspect appliance to see if they are approved for MFG homes.
As long as you purchase a permit if required by local jurisdiction and its inspected you will be meeting the insurance companies requirements. Most insurance jobs I inspect (usually water leaks do to water heater failure with no pan under them) do not require permits!!
I perform inspections for banks,insurance companies, HUD and government entity's.
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Owners of manufactured homes have been given misinformation for years and its costing them money.
Kind like politicians telling us one thing and doing the complete opposite.
What i posted above regarding water heaters is correct and you wont die if you follow what I stated.
HUD does not follow MFG homes for life. Once they leave the plant your on your own. At the plant, yes, appliances have a label on them stating approved for MFG homes or the appliance manufacture meets another ANSI requirement that is equivalent to the HUD standard.
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Combustion air intake and exhaust air should be direct connect.
Watch a you tube video on direct connect appliances.

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All very good info. Try finding a contractor who will do the job is impossible. My propane company wants just under $2000.00 to do this job for me. They are a "by the book" company and want to get city permits etc.
My local plumber is willing to do the job but not for much less. He wont cut a hole in my roof ,so suggests I go thru the sidewall with a direct vent unit that can use a 90 degree vent. Very pricey. I do have outside access to my compartment. My reason is we only have 60 amp service and with central a/c its impossible to run other appliances while it is on without tripping the outside cartridge fuses. I have been quoted up to $600.00 to install an 220 timer on the water heater. UGH!
Using the circuit breaker for an on off switch is problematic as sometimes it does not click back on even if its in the in position.
You can find a direct vent gas wtr the with bottom intake. But no one to install. Every mobile home repair Co. says they wont do it.
Good luck!!!!! I sure need it!
The ones at the big box store may be the way for you to go, if you can find a gas installer who will do the job.