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I am located near Savannah, Ga. I have a 1996 Horton Mobile Home. I need to purchase some new outside window screens.

Length = 29 3/8"
Height = 26 1/4"

Question: Where can I purchase some more window screens for this mobile home? Can someone please point me in the right direction? All replies are sincerely appreciated. Thank you.
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Since you only need screens your best bet may be your local full service hardware store. Many still make screens. If you can find the window manufacturer you could try contacting them.

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Any home store will sell the supplies to make new screens. I doubt you will ever find them pre-made. Some stores will offer the service of making them, some will just sell you the parts for a DIY project.
They are pretty easy to make, I did all of mine a few years ago. If you still have the metal framework, you can just buy new plastic corners and screen material, and re-use the metal bits.