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Sun Aug 07, 2016 8:23 am

New guy here and just checking in to say hi and thank the forum for having me. My wife and I operate a very small mobile home park with a few RV sites and often have situations where we need some advice or in some cases may be in a position to give advice.

Our park has a couple of rentals, which I hate but that's life. Until they move out that is. They've lived there for years. Anyway, once again thanks for having me and I look forward to getting to know a lot of you in the future.

Ours is a 23 unit park set in the mountains on seven acres of wooded land with a small creek flowing off to one side. (That has been a problem in the past) We adore it here. We live on site in an older mobile that I have added two rooms, a small storage unit, two decks and extended the yard to include three lots. Recently I installed a new sewer system park-wide, both front and back rows and new electrical boxes on several sites. My next project is a park-wide water pipe system. (Am able to do this because I tested out for and received my fresh water and waste water DEQ qualification certification license last year) The water system I have is about 65 years old and starting to spring a few leaks here and there. I have remodeled five of the mobiles in the park and sold three. It is a work in progress but we are getting her done.

PS: My profile photo is of me and my little dog Weebee. He has since passed away but I still have the pictures. We had him 13 years.

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