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Mon Aug 08, 2016 7:57 pm

thats what I was thinking as well

Had one guy show up today, very friendly
he came, never even went on my roof, used a ruler or??
and we just talked about what I wanted and he left saying he'd have a price for me tomorrow??
NOT sure HOW anyone can do a price, without measuring things??
that or he has some serious good eye's that eh can measure with them??

SO will see what he offers me tomorrow on costs?/
second guy never answered his phone again today or called me back??
and it was my first time calling him, so NOT like he's dodging me number??
that's like the 4th roofer/builder I called that hasn;t answered a phone or returned a call

seems like SO many people today don't want business I guess here?

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Tue Aug 09, 2016 5:04 pm

well first pole barn builder showed up today
gave me a price of $11,400.00 to roof over my place
sounds WAY high to me
so, now waiting on AMish guy and second pole barn company to show up??
MAN< these guys all move SO slow
been over a week on AMush guy now, and hasn't even called witha WHEN he can come

better yet, third pole barn company I called, said soonest they could come look at my place was End of Sept.??
or maybe early OCt??
I'm Hoping to ghave roof done by Sept, or that was my plan when I started calling roofers in MAY ??

and still no where with them??
I';d say 7 of the 12 or so I contacted, haven't even returned a phone call yet??
guess roofing business is so good they can care less about calling possible customers back??
its a sad world we live in anymore if you as me?

how hard is it to at least call back and say I'm, booked up or?? just don't blow folks off, ,
or I sure never did when I had my business?
just a lack of respect if you ask me these days!

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Tue Aug 09, 2016 6:45 pm

just a lack of respect if you ask me these days!

You hit the nail right on the head!!! People just don't seem to care anymore.

"If I can't fix it, I can screw it up so bad no one else can either."

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Thu Aug 11, 2016 3:54 pm

more follow up
so far, one guy never showed up yesterday, second guy was supposed to call me today to come by today, SO far a no call or show??
Other pole barn builder I meet at the show on Saturday, all hot and bothered looking for work
well, he finally called me back?? and asked me when I would be able for him to come see the place to give me an estimate
I said, well be here all week???
when can you be there and I'll work off your schedule ,
he said, well I can be there like end of sept, early Oct/
All I wanted was an estimate, and he cannot get here till almost Oct??
WELL crap, I was hoping to have roof done by Sept.
so told that guy he cannot help me?

MAN I started this project in end of MAY
If I knew it was going to be THIS HARD to get roofers here to give me an estimate
I guess I should have started in January??
as seems NONE Of these roofers are too ambitious about getting a job now??
HAVE TWO guys that SAY they will be here tomorrow SOMETIME
couldn't give me a time, or even a guess on a time??
guess they think I have nothing better to do than sit there all day and wait for them??

MAN< people suck today
when I had my business, I bent over backwards to make sales and get paid!
never looked at any job as NOT worth my time, to at least GO look at things!, as NEVER know?
money is money to me??
guess that must have changed???
OH well will up date IF I ever get a price with a decent plan on things??
at this rate I might NOT get a roof this yr it seems??

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Sat Aug 13, 2016 8:41 pm

well had 3 more roofer/pole barn builder show up finally
one flat out told me he didn't want the job, couldn't make any more for the time eh would need to do the job??

second two, came, measured things and said they needed a week or more to get me a price??

so, have two more coming on Monday
Spoke to Amish guy, two more times, and he hasn't found a way to get here or for me to get pictures to him??
, but said he'd like the job??
offered to go get him, but said he just cannot get away right now?

SO< still no where on getting roof done?

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Fri Aug 19, 2016 9:19 am

well an update
I have had 3 more roofers show up, one a pole barn builder and he flat out said he couldn;'t make any money doing the job so he passed
the other two needed a week to think the job over
first one sent me a letter in the mail today saying he didn't ant the job due to the complications of it?
SO, now down to one roofer, NO more in the area to call

the AMish guy I talked to , also turned down the job due to he cannot get me in too busy and is moving to a different part of the state real soon
so, he;'s out

I am at a loss here, not sure what to do at this point, contacted about 14-15 different roofers/pole barn builders and of them all,only one gave me a price on a roof over, and
his price was IMO un workable
he said it like this,4 9300 if he gets done in 1.5 days, $ 11,400 if it takes 2 days and then 2 k a day after that??
NO total for the job, an unknown price range, and NO way I can sigh onto that NOT knowing what the costs will be, plus I think 9300 for a roof over is a LOT of money ,
never mind if it goes to $11,400 or higher??
SO UNLESS, this last roofer, comes thru, I',m screwed with no roof, and I been putting this off now for about 4 yrs, as just wasn't sure what to really do with it?/

all the stupid add on porches before I got the place are the major hang up it seems from it being a job the roofers want, there all in wrong spots it seems for anything to be even close to easy!
ALL I have left if this guy backs out, will be a rubber roof, and I am really not wanting one, as I hear nothing but problems with them?/
My friends and insurance agent, tells me nightmares of mobile home owners with leaks after getting them done??
are they really that bad??

and the two rubber roofers I had here, all said my mobile home gutters , rolled edge has to be cut off and they don't have replacements, and that alone sounds bad to me, as come winter will have ice hanging off all over the sides then?

at a loss here guys??
anyone have any other suggestions, minus me tearing off the porches, as I think If I did that the roofers would be willing more, but at a larger costs to me if I do that,
and honestly, need the extra space they provide, so that will have to be a really last resort deal??

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Thu Sep 01, 2016 2:10 pm

well thought I would add an update here
so far 90% of all roofers I called, have never shown up, even when they call me and say they will be here??
of the few that did show up
two wanted over 20K to do a roof over?? two refused the job saying they couldn't make any money here?
one said, he couldn't give me a price as it would be based on how fast he could do it, longer it took more it would cost??

have one guy now that THINKS he can do it for 18k

I honestly don't get it, a whole pole barn larger than my roof area costs less
HOW can just the roof part of a pole barn, cost twice as much a s a whole pole barn??

so, as oif now still haven't gotten a solid price or a roofer that wants the job
must have called about 25 roofers' home builders/pole barn companys

and like 6 showed up out of all of them>>
most never even called me back or answered there phones

WOW is all I can say, never thought a roofer would be so hard to get on the phone or show up to look at a possible job,??

SO for now I did another 15 gallons of roll on roof coating, as NOT looking good for getting a roof on before winter at this rate??