washing VENTED soffit and fascia

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My soffits and fascia are dirty as can be and i want to wash them, but since they are vented, im wondering if its safe to rinse them with the garden hose?
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I would hit them with some cleaner and a scrub brush first then you could give them a quick lite spray with the hose to clean them off. I would not let the hose sit in one spot too long but a quick rinse should not be a problem.

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I agree, get a good cleaner and spray it on and let it sit for a couple minutes. Scrub if needed and then a quick splash with the hose should get it clean. The key is finding a cleaner to get off whatever you need it to get off and let the cleaner do the work. Most power washing companies have switched to low pressure washers. They spray a cleaner on the house let it sit and then just rinse it off. No more high pressure washing because of the damage it can do to things like vinyl siding and other stuff.
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Outdoor bleach in a pump up sprayer. It's at Lowe's.