Bulging Wall/Sinking Floor/Roof Over Issues

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Mon Jun 29, 2015 6:35 pm

Hi All,

I have been checking out posts for a while now, but this is the first time I have posted. I have not been able to come across our exact issue so I am posting hoping I can get some advice on how to fix it.

Our home is a 1958 single wide (that is now a double wide with all the additions). At some point the previous owners put on a new shingled peaked roof that covers the entire home - original trailer and additions.

The home is situated as follows:

The left side is entirely an addition - it runs the entire length of the original mobile home which sits on the right side.

The entire back portion is also an addition that runs across the left side addition and right side original mobile home. This back portion is on solid concrete piers so it does not move with the frost heave - like the rest of the home.

The original mobile home has the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room as well as an interior hallway.

The exterior wall on the mobile home side is bulging outward. The floor on the exterior side has sunk approximately 2 inches. The exterior wall is the original 2x2 construction.

My assumption is that the roof is too heavy for the wall creating it to bulge as well as the floor - creating it to bend and sink.

Obviously we need to take the weight off that side of the house before all the 2x2 snap and the roof falls on me.

Our idea was to do as follows:

Put up a temporary (will have to last until next summer) support system on the outside of the house to support the roof. We were planning on taking 4x4 posts that will sit on deck blocks which will sit on 12"x12" pavers. The posts will go from the blocks to the roof along the front portion of the home. The back addition has 2x4 construction is is relative level. The laundry room that is next to this portion we already re structured the exterior wall with 2x4 construction (although it does still have a 2" drop on the exterior floor). The bathroom which is next has a 2x4 wall built inside the 2x2 wall (we believe) and is entirely level. The kitchen is the portion that still has 2x2 construction and is bowing out.

First question - will these posts heave the roof separately from the home - or is it more likely that the frost heave will be the same across these posts and the posts underneath the home?

Next summer our plan to permanently fix this issue is remove the 2x2 wall entirely (with support walls inside and outside to hold up the roof while we remove the wall). We are going to take up the subfloor and sister each joist back to level. We will then build the 2x4 exterior wall. We are going to put in new rim joists. We are then going to support the outer edge with new piers. Then we plan on taking down the two support walls and expect that the roof will now be properly supported.

Are there any issues foreseen by this idea? Are there better options?

We have thought about releveling - but do not believe that the 2x2 wall can take being pushed up for one. The other concern is that the two additions - with on being on solid footings will not "move" with the rest of the home and then cause more issues than it is worth. Also - with the bathroom (which is in the middle of the kitchen and laundry room - the two rooms with the 2" drop) being entirely level - we don't know what that result would be.

The interior hallway (which is part of the original mobile home) is also unlevel but not by much.

Any ideas on what is going on - what can be done - etc.

Thanks in advance for any advice. We only purchased last year so we are learning as we go on all these mobile home renovations.