Members what do you do to your waterlines in winter

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Thu Jan 08, 2015 4:49 pm

ponch37300 wrote:

Another thing to remember is how the MH is designed to keep the pipes warm. They run the main lines next to the heat duct the length of the trailer. MH heat ducts aren't sealed the greatest. So heat escapes and you are actually heating the underbelly area. There is a "pocket" in the underbelly where it hangs down a bit. This pocket is designed to stay warm enough from the heat that escapes the ducts to keep the plumbing from freezing, as long as everything is intact. Like the insulation and belly material that make up the bottom of this pocket. So even if your crawl space is 0 degrees your supply line has heat tape and the pipes in the belly should stay above freezing. So when it gets really cold I might turn my heater up a few extra degrees just to make sure to keep that pocket down there warm .
There lies my situation, I do not run my furnace for heat. We use a pellet stove and knock on wood I have not had a freeze problem that was not self inflected. I did have a freeze problem with the Kitchen last year and found that like Ponch the line ended up next to the belly material with no insulation between the two. I can run the furnace when it is well below zero, but so far I have not had to. I truly believe that skirting that is 100% intact with no holes is the key.

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Thu Jan 08, 2015 6:18 pm

They did replace my cpvc water lines with pex after i had to fight with the insurance company and I'm glad i pursued it. I'm also glad we have a forum like this to ask questions and get good answers for the things we may not be aware of or don't know how to fix it, change it or correct it. What one person does another may not and its good to know there is a wealth of knowledgeable people on here to walk you through your issues. Greg and JD have been very helpful to me a many a times and I thank them for that. I appreciate the advise that ponch, commodore and ump has also provide me with. Just wanted to say thank you.
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Sat Jan 10, 2015 11:32 am

ponch37300 wrote:Now I check that the orange light on the heat tape is on at the beginning of the year and a couple times during the winter.

I have a GFCI in my master bathroom. Then the exterior outlet (the one my heat tape is on) is NOT GFCI but is protected by the one in the bathroom.

I keep a blue LED nightlight plugged in to the bathroom GFCI. if that nightlight ever goes out, I know the heat tape is off.
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Sat Jan 10, 2015 1:23 pm

So far so good, seemed as thought the extra precaution has paid off.
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