Made a mistake with roof coating

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Recently I applied two coats of Henry's 287 roof paint. Then I read the directions and noticed that when apply to a bare metal roof, like I was doing, I should have used Henry's 107 first. Oooops

So now I'm trying to decide what to do. After two coats it still looks really thin. Should I just apply some more 287 and hope that it doesn't peel off in a year? Or should I now apply a product I found at Lowe's today called Roof Gard, which is manufactured by a company called Black Jack? It's an elastomeric coating. Any thoughts?

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I think that I would leave it and see what happens. You could try contacting Henry's and see what they think.

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First off is your roof peaked, curved or flat? If you have a peaked style metal roof I wouldn't be too concerned about it. Mostly you are just protecting the metal from rusting. There is no pooling on a peaked roof.

In my 30+ years of experience dealing with roof coatings I have found that once a roof is coated with an elastomeric it can ONLY be coated from that point out with an elastomeric. If a roof is coated with a petroleum product, like Kool Seal, it can be recoated with either an elastomeric or a petroleum product.

Basically you can put an elastomeric over petroleum but not petroleum over an elastomeric. For some reason in time the petroleum will dissolve the elastomeric below it and cause it to release from the surface it is protecting.