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I had a window company come out to price some replacement windows. To my surprise, he told me that I should go to someone who sells mobile home windows. He stated that mobile homes shift with the seasons and a standard house window would have problems with the movement. Any truth to this?
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I wouldn't think you would have an issue, providing that the window is properly framed, and you are not trying to install a large picture window. I could see a large window having issues with flexing. It sounds more like they didn't want to do the work.
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We have Pella stick home windows in all of our's for the last 10 years with a 7 mile move also with no problem.

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I am a mobile home/manufactured housing contractor. I just bought residential windows that are argon filled with low e glass in vinyl frames. No problem whatsoever. I have installed plenty of them over the years with no trouble. Biggest hassle is getting the right size residential window for the home's rough opening. Rough in openings can be changed but expect to pay an upcharge for the additional labor.
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Dale hit this one on the head. Mobile homes can use "regular" windows just fine. Your contractor just doesn't want to do the job or doesn't know how to. As long as the MH is level then you can use a regular home window. I have replace one of ours with a regular window from menards and it has worked just fine. The big issue is finding windows that will match your rough openings without special ordering them.