Window Units or Mini-Split?

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Well after TWO years I FINALLY found someone to replace my ducts. They tore out all of the cheap, thin, should-be-illegal metal duct and replaced it with duct board. Problem solved! The old duct COMBINED didn't weigh more than 10 pounds. It was dismal at best. They should not be allowed to use it in chicken pens, much less HOMES that people LIVE IN. Know that if you buy a Legacy mobile home this is what you are getting. I'll try to take some pictures later and show everyone what was transferring air from the handler to the rooms. Oh my goodness it was awful! Now for my roof-over and I'm through. I can finally enjoy my two-year-old mobile home. Thanks guys for all the advice!
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Glad the problem is finally solved!!

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Asphaltcowboy wrote:How much were the 20 rooftop solar panels though?
When we installed our solar in 2004 the panels were $900 each. The whole 4Kw system retailed for about $42,000 but there was a federal tax credit for 1/3 of that AND a state cash rebate of another 1/3.
Ten years later the cost of that whole system would be about 20% LESS, mostly because the cost of the panels has dropped.