Roof Leak Repair Question

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I have noticed in my house at the very edge where the ceiling meets the wall there is some moisture there is a wet spot when it rains. I can tell by the dampness and also there is a ring from water damage. It's not exactly a leak because water doesn't come out. It's just damp. I tried to put some caulk on the outside where the sections of sheet metal connect on the roof. I also have caulking on the seal between the wall and roof. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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If it's a metal roof, try coating it. Take a close look and treat ANYTHING that looks suspicious as a leak.

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The bad news is it could be a major leak and the insulation is absorbing the water and spreading it over a greater area. Take care of it now before it progresses down the wall.
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Yes, a re-coat sounds in order. but also take a look at the roof metal where it bends over the edge to the j-channel, especially where you see dents or hard line creases. When the roof expands and contracts, it will often makes tiny stress fractures near these dents. IF the bend is a hard crease, it can also happen on any part of the edge. Just recoating the edge will usually cover these fractures, as the sealant should go up 4" of so on to the top parts of the roof edge, but if there is creasing, you should also add the polyester roof fabric to the top of the fracture to stop the cracking of the roof sealant. This will not stop the continued cracking of the metal fracture, but these things remain fairly small and should be fine under fabric and elastomeric sealant.
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