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Will installing anchor bolts in the wall board of my mobile home damage the insulation? I've heard that the insulation will wrap around the drill bit and pull it all apart. Is this true?
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I suppose that is possible, but lag bolts and such should be installed only into solid wood, like the studs or rim joists, and not between studs where the insulation is. Use the appropriate length bolt and screw into wood. Be very careful not to screw into wiring, which could be running through studs.
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I'm actually wanting to hang a shelf up to the wall and I can't get it centered right if I use the studs. So I wanted to use anchor bolts. I'm sorry for not being concise. Anyway, I just wanted to make sure that there wouldn't be any damage to the insulation in the walls by drilling a hole for the bolt. It's also high up away from any electrical. Thanks.
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Drywall in MH is usually only 3/8" thick and just stapled to the studs so it in itself isn't the sturdiest. I would be very leary about attaching a shelf to only drywall. I've used EZ anchors for attaching things like towel racks but I always try to have one side of the towel rack into a stud and the other using the EZ anchor. To me sturdy is better then a shelf not being centered.

What kind of anchors are you going to use? Insulation will wrap around a drill bit but you don't have to go that far in, just thru the drywall. Before you pull the drill bit out spin it in reverse for a second and that should fix any insulation that might have gotten wrapped around it.
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Molly bolts (the type with the spreading wings)should work fine unless you want the shelf to hold a couple of hundred pounds. Just drill until the bit is just barely through the wallboard.

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If you are worried about wrapping up the insulation you could use a drill stop to keep you from going in too deep. ... scrap_wood

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wrap a piece of masking tape 1/2 inch from the point of the drill. a rapidly spinning drill bit may catch a tiny amount of insulation but not enough to worry about. insulation should only be on an outside wall. internal walls shouldnt be insulated

stop drilling when you have reached the masking tape

install your wall anchors of your choice and the shelf and enjoy your handy work