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Steve not to mention ALOT of ppl dont even want to touch mobile homes! AND honestly if they dont know what they are doing or anything about them... I DONT want them touching mine either or inspecting it! lol
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betty wrote:I need BOTH done, the audit to see what needs to be done to make my home efficient BUT I also at the same time dont have the money to fix the issues, unless of course its something cheap but from what I've been told from mobile home depot- he said a roof-over to stop lossing heat from the roof & new windows! Social services wont help me b/c I dont fall into their poor enough category even though I am! I dont have any kids & live alone & to them I can make it by myself... IF I didnt have such HIGH heating & cooling bills I'd be "ok" nor have college loans but thats another story that they dont count toward my debt... IF they actually went by debt to income ratio based on just my college loans (which is my only debt)- I WOULD fit their bill of being poor... but apparently it doesnt work like that :cry:
I'm in a similar boat. My income is too high to qualify for weatherization assistance. I have student loan debt that I'm paying on and that takes such a large chunk of my paycheck, it's a struggle to pay the electric bill, make the lot rent, make the MH payment and still buy food. If my electric bill were lower, then the rest could be a little easier. So I feel your pain.
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