Blower works, A/C & Heater don't...

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New guy here, moving into modular home that has been sitting for 1 yr. It was winterized last yr and now neither the A/C nor the heater will turn on. The blower will come on and blows air but not the A/C nor the heater. This home is split modular and has 2 a/c units outside to cool front/back (2000 sq/ft). I tuned on the propane that feeds the home and lit the burner for the hot water heater.
Q1- Would the thermostats prevent the A/C - Heater from turning on? I can hear a click when I lower/raise the temp but no action. Only the blower works when I put it on "fan" but not "auto".
They look old and I will replace them this week, however they worked fine before it was winterized last Jan. Not sure what was touched for winterization but something is wrong. Appreciate the assistance. Pls. let me know if more info is needed.

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Need a model number.

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