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I was going to update one of my posts so as to help others in the future if they have the same problem and try searching before starting a new topic. But the post is locked so there will be no ending to that post. I understand why posts get locked but there should be an option for the OP to edit the post in order to provide details or what solved the problem. This would help others when they search the forum. Now if someone searches they will read my problem and what was discussed but will never read what finally fixed the problem, which really limits the benefits of using the search feature of this forum.

Ok rant over.

Last year I had a problem with my furnace, it would cycle twice and only one of the cycles would blow hot air. Here is a link to that locked thread, https://www.mobilehomerepair.com/phpbb/v ... f=4&t=6496 Tried a bunch of things and got much help from Robert, many many thanks to him for his help. We pretty much lived with it for the last year since it wasn't to big of a deal since it still heated the house and in the summer there was no problem, and money is pretty tight so this got pushed to the back of priorities.

Well about two weeks ago I noticed the house was pretty cold, went to thermostat and it was 59 degrees instead of the 66 it was set at! Now it went to a higher priority! Pulled the cover off the furnace and had a single green light blinking, ignition failure. Started watch what it was doing threw the inspection glass and it would glow hot and as soon as the fan kicked on the flame went out. Then when it would do this 3 times it would trip the furnace and blink ignition failure. So went to google to see what I could learn. Found a bunch of things that may cause this and started some trouble shooting. One of the things that came up was a dirty flame sensor. So I shut the gas off and took the gas vavle off and pulled the burner out, the flame sensor is part of the whole burner unit. Read to clean these you use some steel wool, so that's what I did. Put everything back together, turned the gas on, checked for gas leaks with some soapy water. Then turned the furnace power back on and it started up and was working. And in two weeks now we have not had an ignition failure or any double cycling of the furnace!

Not sure how often these should be cleaned but I will probably start doing it every other year or so just to keep problems away.

I really just wanted to update my previous thread to help anyone else out that might run into this problem and try searching.

And also wanted to give Robert another thanks for all his help in the previous thread!
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Hi Scott,

Had to start locking them due to a lot of spammers coming into old posts/threads.

Been doing this for so long on here, about any problem known is in here somewhere if they search.

Glad you got it going and you're very welcome, happy to help.

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