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Several years ago we had our Coleman heating/cooling system replaced with a packaged gas/electric unit that is located outside the home. The person who replaced the system did not know anything about doublewides apparently and we have had one problem after another. First, the ductwork was a mess and the airflow inside was awful. We got that fixed so that it is better, not great, but better, cost us about $500.
Now we are having issues with the fan not always working correctly, but that is not what I want to ask. The company checking this out for us is telling us that if at some point we have to replace this system, we they cannot by law put in another outdoor system like the one we have that is gas/electric. They say we will have to have a heat pump to have this type packaged unit or either put back the type system we had originally with the heat located inside in a closet. This, they said, would be very expensive since all of the old stuff was removed and there is now a new roof over the hole that was once there for the heating unit.
Is this true? Is our only option a heat pump? Everyone I know that has a heat pump is not happy, says it is costly to run and that their homes are not warm.
Any thoughts on this would be helpful. I feel like my repair person is perhaps more interested right now in selling us a new system than he is fixing what we have -- which is still working fine except for this little fan issue.

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Never heard of that one before. No laws I know of that dictates type system you install at/in your home.

Gas Packs are installed at homes every day in several states that I know of.

I'd be finding another hvac contractor and also talking to local codes office.

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