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Greg S
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Thu Oct 15, 2009 5:01 pm

I am in the process of replacing a old Beach oil furnace with a new propane furnace.
I have removed all the screws in place and the old furnace is now loose.
What do I do about the chimney? Do I remove it to get the old furnace out? Is any of it reused when the new propane furnace is installed? If I must remove the entire furnace do I go ahead and repair the roof or does the propane furnace use the same size chimney?
I have seen some old chimneys with what looks like PVC pipe coming out of them is that for new furnaces or is it something else?
Also when removing the old furnace is it lifted up to get it over top of the floor duct or does it simply slide forward. Are there parts on the old furnace (around floor duct) that are reused on the new furnace?
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Mon Oct 19, 2009 1:36 am

Hi Greg,

That is a generic list of questions and will have to get a generic list of answers. First, it depends on whether a pro installed it or Bubba.

It should slide out after screws removed and gasket material scraped loose if any present.

PVC piping would be for newer high efficiency 90+ furnaces.

All new furnaces should have new roof-jack for that particular furnace.

Remove roof-jack and old furnace and replace both.

Repair roof as needed to go with new roof-jack install.

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