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Hello. I don't really know anything about air condition/heating units, but I'm really hoping someone can help me soon. I'm living in my own mobile home as of a couple months ago (it's a 1985). When I arrived here, there was a large (24x24, I think) filter (made of cardboard and that blue filter stuff) over the top and sides of the central air/heating unit--the top part (the bottom part of the unit is enclosed in its own case), which I believe is called the A-Coil.

For reference, it's apparently an Intertherm Indoor Coil Model EFS-300. The white, slotted door is 79 1/2" tall and 20" wide (18 1/4" wide on the inside, not counting some of the border that would get in the way).

I went to Lowe's to buy a new filter, but was told I might be looking for the wrong thing. I was told I should actually buy "media filter"..just in a roll and cut it to fit the tall door that opens to reveal the AC unit (it has little venting slots in it from top to bottom). Yet a different person who looked at my unit told me to buy two 20x20 filters and just place one on each side of the A-Coil. I did further research, and discovered these, apparently made for doors (like mine?): ... y_Code=FLT

Further confusing me, someone from an online shop, after I asked for advice, told me "Be sure you are filtering the return air to the unit that goes back into the home and not the combustion air that the furnace uses for combustion." I asked what he meant, but he did not elaborate. Should I be worried? Does this mean the top as opposed to the bottom part of the closet door, or something entirely different?

Basically, I want to know what exactly I'm supposed to buy, and where exactly I'm supposed to put it, because at the present I have no idea. If I need something I can't get at Lowe's or Home Depot, I'd love it if someone could post links to somewhere online, as my closest mobile home "supply" store is just..not close at all. Or..if anyone could verify that any of the filters (Foam Door, etc) at the link above would work for me, and where I should put them (top of the closet door, bottom, both?), that'd help a great deal too. Honestly, I hope it's the Door filters and not the media roll, because it's a lot more expensive than they are. Thanks so much.
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Hi Dan,

What is your furnace model number ?

Can you take some pics and post them of what you have now ?

When you say top and sides is where filetr is now, can you explain that better ? Is the top of your furnace open or enclosed ?

Most likely, from what I understand kind of going by what you siad, you will probably need a door filter(s).

If so, then top and sides of furnace cannot be open.

That's why I need to fully understand what you have and pics are great for this since I am not there to look.

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