Question regarding passive (?) vents in ceiling.

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I have a 1987 Fleetwood 24' x 60' doublewide that has cathedral ceilings. There are six 12" x 12" passive (?) vents in the ceiling, two in one section and four in the other section. They are not associated with the HVAC system and appear to simply vent into the attic space. There is a considerable amount of heat coming into the home from one of these vents, the others don't seem to have as much heat entering through them, allthough there is some. Does anyone know what these are for and can they be blocked to prevent the heat entering the interior space?
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Can you take a pic ? Older homes had a huge variation of items in the different models.

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I just posted a question about where these could be purchased. In our home these are called air outs. they allow air from the water cooler to flow out through the ceiling so that a window or door does not have to be left open to have air flow. Yes they can be replacd with a register that allows no air flow. Hope this helps.