Replacement of HVAC in Ohio Manufactured Home

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I have a 1998 manufactured home on a permanent foundation with a large crawl space underneath. Currently it has the original factory installed furnace inside and an AC unit outside. Both are in need of replacement and I have been researching different options. I would like to install a regular house furnace underneath the house (not in the closet that the factory furnace is currently in), with the hope of improving efficiency and quietness. A local HVAC professional would install the necessary air returns and perform the installation, but a local supply house said that this could not be done. I am looking for additional information on how this could be done safely or why it could not be done.
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the ducts in a mobile home are designed for the units that they sell for mobile homes. The furnace airflow has to be correct for the ductwork. I guess if you replaced all the ductwork you could do whatever you liked.
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