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We are having difficulty with our ducts operating correctly. The rooms on the front side of our home are represented by A B C D E with A being to your left as you face the front door and E being to your right. First they put in a new crossover duct. (The furnace, blower, etc. sits on the backside the house opposite of room D.) Room E had heat again. (It had been cold air when the heater was on.). Room D has two vents. It had a little air blowing in the vent closest to room E, but it wasn't much. Rooms B and C had basically nothing coming out of them. Room A had some air. They came back, looked, and showed me where our vents were pulling away from the floor and needed to be sealed. They came back to do that. Now the air coming out of the vents on the backside of the house is stronger as well as the vent in Room A. Room E is slightly stronger, but there is still basically nothing coming out of the vents in Rooms B, C, and D. I can stand over them and very slightly feel cool air, but that is it.
Do you have any idea what may be happening? I would like to be better informed if I can't fix it myself and have to call them back a third time.
Thanks for any suggestions you might have!
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It sounds like there may be some problems with the connections of the ducts. You need to remember that most of the original ducts are very lightweight flimsy ducts. You may want to consider replacing the entire duct system with heavier ducts. Even with good ducts you may pull your hair out getting a balanced air flow to every room. It may be a good job for a pro.

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