Where to place propane wall heaters?

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My mobile home is about 900 square feet and I'm trying to decide the best place to locate two new propane wall heaters. They will be 20,000 BTU and each cover roughly 500 square feet.

The master bedroom is on one end of the house, and my office is on the other end. Should I put one in each room? Or maybe in locations that are a little closer so the whole home is heated more evenly?

Any thoughts for those of you who have done this very thing? Any regrets after placing a heater in a particular room?

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I think there are code requirements concerning heating in a bedroom.
I would locate them in a central area to try to heat the whole home.

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Nest man, ... Why are you looking at Propane Wall heaters & not using a Furnace?
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Because I'm off grid and furnace blowers consumer large amounts of power. Perhaps one day my solar power system will be sufficient enough to run the furnace blower most of the day during the cold months, but for now, our system is not big enough to support that luxury.
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Thanks for sharing your views on wall heaters. This must be very helpful.

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I've also installed mine in the central area, yet mine has the sensor. It is VERY sensitive. If it gets any dust in it, it will shut everything off including the pilot light. Be sure that you're following the safety requirements: http://www.propane101.com/lpgasspaceheaters.htm

Although it is recommended that direct vent LP Gas space heaters be installed in rooms normally kept closed, unvented indoor propane space heaters are permitted to be installed in bedrooms and bathrooms provided the following requirements are met:
1.Bathrooms may have one listed wall-mounted propane space heater as long as the heater's input rating does not exceed 6,000 BTU/hr and is equipped with an oxygen depletion sensor (ODS).
2.Bedrooms may also have one listed wall-mounted propane room heater as long as the heater's input rating does not exceed 10,000 BTU/hr and the heater is equipped with an oxygen depletion sensor.

Stay safe.
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