Setting Up 1994 Mobile Home...Which HVAC System?

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Hello all,

It's been a while since I last posted. I'll be setting up another rental mobile home. I live in North Alabama and want to know which type of HVAC system you HVAC-trained folks would recommend. I guess the old system is referred to as a "split system", furnace in closet and AC was outside (AC no longer worked). The mobile home is 20 years old.

What type of system should I have installed? Should I have a heat pump installed or just a new self-contained AC on the outside? The mobile home is 16' x 80' (15.5' x 76') and is a 1994 model and if I remember correctly, it had a return grill on the floor between the kitchen and living room. Any/all suggestions appreciated. Thanks in advance. Keith.
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Heat pumps work well if you do not have a lot of steady weeks/days of below freezing temps. This last winter for me in the Northeast was brutal cold winter where temps stayed below freezing for weeks. My Heat Pump wasn't really keeping up so I had used my Gas Furnace a lot more. But the winter before this one I hardly used any gas my electric use from running the Heat Pump was cheaper than running the AC in the summer time. I like em but I like I said, they are not that efficient once it starts getting below 30 degrees.
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I have a 1961 14X64 MH. The HVAC system was not working. I had a Mini-Split system installed by Air Central in Yuma, AZ. I can’t believe how efficient it is. I’m in Yuma, AZ, we have extreme temperatures yet my electric has never been over $50. Amazing. Fugitzu has a good article about how this system works. No ducting to replace, no gigantic noisy heat pump, no pouring a huge concrete pad outside..... so many ways this system is well worth the difference (and it’s not a big difference) in cost. I purchase the maintenance plan, about $12. Per month. My part of maintenance: Filters are rinsed off and replaced. For sure check out this system before replacing your old duct system. This is great technology.
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