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Does anyone have alot of problems with their water smelling? I've lived in a park for along time, other than the one I'm in now & they have all had rusty, iron-y, water?
What I have now is water thats very iron-y smelling but also tastes that way & recently the water really smells horrible of sulfur, iron &/or rotten eggs its crazy! I called the office & they said the water people do the testing once a week & everything is normal with the values. My hot water heater is only 2 years old, I called bradford white & they told me to check the anode every 2 yrs & maybe replace it. I will be doing that this weekend- is this the only problem??? Do I empty out water once a month (like 15 gals) to keep it clear? Yes my toilet is turning orange in color as well as my shower walls. :cry:
Any suggestions would be great!! I live by myself, so am I not using enough hot water & thats causing this (I have a 40gal tank)? I've heard soo many different things- not using enough hot water, my anodes bad, I need to take out water once a month, even my tanks bad....etc..
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You can get a sample and have a "Water Conditioning/Plumbing" company test it for free usually just to make sure there's nothing really bad in there. You can try adding a simple whole house water filter kit. Not the hardest thing to install if you have some basic skills. That might help with the order/taste a somewhat. You'll probably have to use decent filters.
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Are you getting the odor with both hot & cold water? If you are getting it on the cold side as well as the hot I would say it is on the park's end. If it is only the hot, look towards the water heater.
A Charcoal carbon filter may help some. you can buy a whole house filter for under $50.

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We don't have the best water quality either. I just cleaned out my water heater(posted a thread on here about it) and I had a bunch of stuff in the bottom that I used a shop vac and small hose to suck out. I figure I will do this once or twice a year from now on. Our drinking water was also not the best, pretty cloudy and almost like stuff floating in it. I picked up a good filter setup from lowes and go through about 2 filters a year to keep our drinking water good. The filters make a big difference.

The problem with a whole house water filter for me would be that it would almost have to go down below since that's where my water comes in and the cold water splits off from there. Although I'm thinking about changing things and running the line coming in over to my water heater closet(inside closet) and then putting a shut off and then back down. Right now my only whole house shut off is where the line comes out of the ground. This would let me shut off all but the line in the crawl space and maybe 10 or so feet of the line in the underbelly from inside. So I could put a whole house filter there.