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Heat not cutting off.

Posted: Tue Jan 07, 2014 2:12 pm
by astegall1978
I have a general question about my heat. I have 99 Clayton Sensations 16x80, with a intertherm heat pump. I had to have the A coil replace about 4 yrs ago but everything else was still going strong. A couple of months went by and the A/C hung up but it was the heat not the A/C and the thermostat was on A/C. The man told me I probly need a new stitch on the outside unit. but he never got back over here to fix it. We replace the thermostat in the house and had no problems until the other week. Now it has messed again but the heat is on but it didn't cut off at the target temp. We came home from work with the thermostat on 59 and it was still running at 89 in the house. we switched it off and waited 5 to 10 mins cut the A/C on to cool off the house and all was well, Until about 2 weeks later we came home from work and it as on 57 but still running a 81. What do I need to tell the repair man to looks for? I just didn't want to be in the dark and get screwed price wise.

thanks for the help.

Re: Heat not cutting off.

Posted: Wed Jan 08, 2014 7:56 pm
by Greg
About all you can tell his is what you know. Intermittent problems can be like chasing ghosts, if it is not acting up at the time you never know for sure if you found the problem. Hopefully your repair person takes that approach and not the shotgun method, change everything and you know the problem is solved.


Re: Heat not cutting off.

Posted: Thu Jan 09, 2014 10:36 am
by ponch37300
If you hire a good repair man you shouldn't have to tell him what to look for, that is his(or her) job to know these things. Just tell him the details you posted here and let him test things out.

I'm not a heating guy but my "guess" would be upper limit switch.

Like mentioned chasing intermittent problems can be hard for a technician since if it's not happening when they show up it can be hard to troubleshoot. But this is where a good experienced tech can really pay off.