Done with HVAC, going to window units!!!

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I purchased a nice mobile home last year. I have had nothing but trouble with my hvac. After the ac and heat kick off, the ducts in my master bedroom boom and pop and the air handler pops really loud. It does this until it kicks on again. It has never stopped after a year and seems to be getting worse. I've had several people come out and NOTHING can be done. They all tell me that they don't work on mobile homes because the positions of the ducts under the belly. It only does it in my master bedroom which is adjacent to the air unit. I have no warranty anymore and no options. I can't even pay someone to replace all the ducts. It's only a 60 foot trailer. Before I do this, does anyone have ANY suggestions? They tell me it's simple expansion and contraction, but I do not believe this. If that were the case, it wouldn't be isolated and it wouldn't last hours. It would do it in all areas of the house and it would be over in a few minutes. I've even lowered the fan speed. That didn't help. Any suggestions before I go the window unit route? Thanks!
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It sounds to me like expansion also but it might also be a bad install of your duct work. Does it make the noise if you just put on the blower? If so then I would say that there is either a bulge in the duct in the bedroom area or there is maybe a piece loose or not nailed down right.

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i will assume the ductwork is flexing a bit from the air pressure thus making the noises...

heres what id do: open the vents in other areas to lessen the air flow through your masterbdrm ducts.

if thats a no go, id get under the mh and find the popping ductwork area(s) and self-tap an angle "L" type of metal piece across the ductwork (if it is a square duct) and that should make the duct a bit more rigid and will help keep it from flexing. of course seal where you add screws..
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Window units are cheaper to run. You don't have to cool off unnecessary parts of the home all the time.

When I first moved to Florida I rented a 625 sq ft apartment with an old AC unit. I could only afford to run it at night so I would not sweat to death (set around 80) , and it still cost me $100 a month.

Now I have a smaller apartment with a window unit that has a digital thermostat that turns itself off when it reaches a desired temperature and I pay about $50 a month.