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I have a fairly new mobile home (2010) that I moved into last year. When the a/c turns on, the air blows to the ceiling. It blows so high that it turns the ceiling fan. I recently bought some floor registers that sit in the holes. If I try to close the vent, it literally blows the register out of its hole. I'm wondering if the blower is up too high. I also think that because it is up so high, that it is making my ducts swell. Then when it kicks off, I can hear the ducts just contracting back down. What do you guys think? Should I lower the blower speed, or is this normal with mobile home a/c units?
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I really doesn't take much to turn a ceiling fan, our pellet stove will do it. Lifting the registers out of the ducts on the other hand.... I think I would try to figure out a way to reduce the air flow some.

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Most air conditioners in mobile home require the blowers be set to the highest speeds. No return air systems so for your air to work right it's high speed blower settings.
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Got a model number off the Air Handler in the closet? If the fan is Multi-Speed you should be able to adjust it down but I do not know if that would make that big difference. You should have speeds, High, Medium-High, Medium-Low, Low. It's probably set on High right now and I wouldn't go any lower than Medium-High or you might have problems. Either that or find a local HVAC/Handy guy to install some dampers in the supply feeds.
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